Official Smogon Doubles Tournament II - Round 2

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bulufan14 over Lucky-Sama
Ron over ryanmers
Grandmas Cookin over 64 Squares
HollowMoth16 over BebouLove
Alix-Farin over dkyvion
Fangame10 over Zipperr
Nido-Rus over Aihamu3u3
MagearnaTheBoss over QuillenKai
Hervalt over king_darkness
luser over EmPlayz
Agentkeval over Charis_Akins
Z Strats over luisin
AmericanPi over polio is coolio
Lunar. over Radius47
Lily over Man865484
RKD over schlangiiiii2
SpectralThief over Lukeison animations
SuperEpicAmpharos over MihoVG
GameGater over Balomogon
Zeal over Champion Muaad
chlo over Jckilla99
Toxigen over grecer
jonas over Raakil
TPH over Magmoz
IBM over prtisme27
riftqueen over TL The Legend
Raichy over Real_Corviknight
Arkado over kiretutu
shaian over Asuno
PolioIsNotCoolio over deoxys speed
K3ppr over Keqinamu
LoSconosciuto over JPabloSenpai
Star over PooiestTrainer
Shinkuu over Flybunz
skimmythegod over Mareeoh
Dj Breloominati♬ over monchooo
poopawmcgee over SouthBySouth
Quairo over iamprohahah
ECPkmn over xxGelflingxx
stravench over Onenance
Laz over JackPilotF2
Ash3r over BrilliantBeheeyem
halaman95 over JasonJah
JuanSG over Ujustgotrecked
Quartosa over Snowiera
martinvtran over Mamakoko
hm why.... over Unax1053
NotlPrimRose over souperman1439
DragXMaster over Albany2021
Enzonana. over BART.not.BRAT
5 Guns 0 Brains over AmongusChampion
maxhooij over TheWarlock117
damien the genius over biberlibaklava
Yoda2798 over fliskie
koleya over Falaclown
MrPablez over FroakieJoltick
spiritbind over deez fts

Ultra Shinox over PrinceSuicune
Artemi113 over Avocadorable
StallSucksBro over natsuzamaki
PokenerdCentral over Neko-The-Maid
Drud over RyPi
Khoner14 over BlazingDark
holly over Hari1234
Blitzcvt over Karttler.
Bushtush over akaFila
TheManiacOfPkmn over TTV_DarkAngel25
depress10n over DanDaMan99
CreamBeater over simiabrass
Scout Silver over Notaguest123
Webwyane over ballooncucumber
OzoneSpark over Bouff
epic17x over Bolt stiker
j5677 over Vish_1806
MrDoor over The Strap
avarice over trace
truthwhenilie over mj
Togenium Z over QWILY
robjr over OhB2
Theoneandonly78 over Slime!
Opelucid over Drogba In Shenhua
AcE8216_ over Bonzai
Val_xd over ZENAR3RD0
SamuraiSam over zmlgamer
Steven_Stone_007 over Starlit173
sleazer25 over Urban_del
TokyoDesu over bruh547
Firedrake725 over Kidswillrule11
Wrld957 over WWWinterstain
Hippo Pulse over Chui choo
Sagisolar over Churielix
jsshrom over growingCataclysm
Your mom op. over MonkeyKiss
TheRico01 over Jase Duken
CyberOdin✝ over PXN Kwesi
GangBangKang over Animal Cannibal

Playing Soon - these two matchups are being played at 10 PM GMT-4 which is 1 hour after the deadline, but since I moved the deadline up a few hours for this round and Round 3 won't be posted by the time they are done, they are okay to play.
Fc  vs  Jisoo
Aaronboyer  vs  Acehunter1

Please contact me, TPP, zee, or a Tournament Director with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the activity calls. Round 3 will be up in a few hours.
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